Spanish Language for Ministry

August 4 - 17, 2018
$ 1, 438.00 USD

Why Spanish for ministry?
The programs are designed as an encounter with the crucified and risen Christ who is present among those who are condemned to death by economic and political powers.
* Classes:
Intensive language instruction, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Students are evaluated and placed at the appropriate level with a maximum of five students in each class.
* Homestay
Homestay with a Mexican family will be provided during the first two weeks. This gives students the experience of sharing in the daily life of the Mexican people as well as ample opportunity to practice Spanish in an everyday setting. The host families will be ones who are active in the Base Christian Communities of Liberation Theology (BCC's)..
* Activities:

First week: The program begins in Cuernavaca, where the Base Christian Communities were born in Mexico. Cuernavaca is also known as the "city of the eternal spring" because of its favorable climate. The BCC's represent a movement of the "grassroots" church gathering in small groups primarily of the poor reflecting on Scripture as a means of  organizing for better living conditions and a more equitable society.  We begin learning about the history and formation of the BCC's that can serve as a model for ministry within Latino communities in the U.S. We will dialog with priests and lay leaders who are active in the BCC's as well as participate in a BCC meeting.

Second week: We see how the BCC's provide a faith foundation for organizing in defense of human rights, environmental protection and fair trade practices. We will visit local community projects and hear from leaders active in these movements.

Note: All program activities are in Spanish with English translation when necessary.
COST: $ 1, 438 USD
Cost includes full room (shared) and board with a Mexican family, two weeks of intensive Spanish instruction, educational material, cultural activities, local excursions in the Cuernavaca area and one weekend excursion. Cost does not include round trip airfare to Mexico City, nor transportation from and to the Mexico City airport. $ 105 deposit is due at the time of application (this is included in the total program cost). Childcare is available at a minimal extra cost.

For more information please contact: Jorge Torres Viveros